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Spreding of Corona Virus Fear British 5G Towers set on Fire

In London, where the Corona virus has raised concerns around the world, there have been reports of rumors and fabrications to cure it, Which, in truth, has let people to accept such actions.British citizens have now joined the rumors. Britain and other Western countries are circulating rumors on social media About  5G and radio signals are also spreading the Corona virus In the Country. Citizens in Britain have mobile They have set fire to towers or 5G towers, blaming the spread of the Corona virus.

According to the British Broadcasting Agency, reports of the link between the 5G towers and the Corona virus have been reported in Birmingham, Liverpool, Meling and several on the side of Myerside, after which authorities have launched an investigation.According to the BBC, a tower burning in Egberth can be seen in a video that went viral on YouTube and Facebook. Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove says it is a dangerous tragedy. Digital The Cultural Media and Support Department has stated on its Twitter account that there is no concrete evidence regarding the spread of the Corona virus of mobile towers. Such rumors are causing problems for us.

The report said that although the 5G towers were not yet confirmed as to who set the fire on fire, the incidents were followed by rumors on social media..

According to Dawn News..
In a research report shared by the government, it was claimed that the 5G corona virus was not transmitted, research done in this regard did not provide evidence that the aforementioned technology caused the outbreak and other diseases. Is made In this regard, the British newspaper The Guardian reported in its report that staff were working on the towers following rumors about 5G on Facebook and Twitter.
The report said that several celebrities on Facebook and Twitter also posted that the 5G signal is causing Corona to spread.According to the report, the aforementioned posts were forwarded under copy and paste and the well-known personalities who shared them had millions of followers.Only after rumors were circulated on social media that people abused and threatened the staff at these towers, including setting fire to the 5G towers.

Otherside, the technology website C-Net reported in its report that after the rumors that the 5G and radio signals were being blamed for spreading Corona on social media, the problem was created for British authorities and people reportedly.

The report said that key figures sharing rumors regarding the 5G signal include American actors, as well as other social media personalities, which has led people to believe such rumors .

According to the report, after the rumors about 5G technology has spread, Western countries, including the UK, are facing difficulties and people are beginning to understand that not only the 5G signal but also the radio signal are causing the spread of Corona.Citing various investigations, the report said that scientific investigations have proved that mobile signals, including radio and 5G -signals, do not cause the spread of any disease, including cancer and corona. 

In The  morning of April 5, the number of Corona patients worldwide increased to over 12 million while the death toll had risen to more than 65,000, with Corona's highest death rate in the United States while the deaths  Rate in Italy n Spain. 

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